The people and projects engaged by EME Ministries can not, in most cases, go out and create their own networks and resource their own needs. EME exists to find these key, instrumental, strategic partners, and link them with churches, organizations and people throughout the world who believe in that calling, and who can assist in fulfilling it.

Additionally, we seek to mobilize advocates throughout North America, Europe and other parts of the world, to deepen their knowledge of and commitment to the needs of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. We need partners in the field, and we need partners at home who are engaging the field through prayer, communication and financial giving.

In order for this partnership to occur, we seek the assistance of advocates, like you, who can help us
“enable mission endeavors” in this significant, prophetic region. We present you with some ideas here, but essentially it always comes down to the big three: we depend on those who will pray, give and go.


Host an EME event visit at your church, home, business or organization. Invite an EME representative to come share the opportunities and insights gathered through our ministry.


Participate in bringing an exploratory team to one of our project locations, focusing on prayer and information gathering.


Spread the word of our need for workers. Help make EME an option for those wishing to come to this region.


Become a hub for sharing out the information, needs and opportunities presented through the network and partnerships of EME.