20-year Anniversary

A 20-year anniversary celebration and the launch of a new church plant effort energize activities at EME’s oldest partner in Greece.

The first Partner Ministry that ever engaged with EME Ministries is that of our Home Base host, the Glyfada Christian Center (GCC). Indeed, because the church shares almost the same leadership (EME Execu0ve Director, Gail Stathis, is a founding pastor of the local church), and because it has graciously served as the home of EME’s Greece- based offices, there has been an intricate connection between the two for all of the years both ministries have existed.

Indeed, GCC was born originally as a part of a US based Pentecostal Denomina0on. In 1997, after significant deliberation, the local church voted to separate and reestablish itself as an independent local church. This month, the church celebrated its 20th anniversary of the relaunch, coupled with the 25-year anniversary of Pastor Brian van Deventer serving in Greece (also General Director of EME), and the 10-year anniversary in ministry of Pastor Andre Rocha, both who serve alongside Gail at GCC.

As that history was being celebrated, the first trip of GCC ministers was planned to visit the exquisite island of Santorini—reputedly the home of ancient Atlan0s!—where GCC member, Shushan Kuyumjian, has been working, and where other members and friends of GCC have relocated for jobs during the summertime and perhaps beyond. These few have been gathering together for worship services and fellowship 0mes, seeking to pray for and encourage one another. It has been agreed that this group will serve as the beginnings of a new church plant on the island, extending from GCC.
Plans are to travel there to help establish, strengthen and encourage the group over the coming months. Think about joining us for one of the 11pm services on the beach!