After several years of involvement with ministry in the regions of Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, several missionary friends who had been working together on various projects recognized the need for well-rounded ministries to be brought to these regions. The missionaries involved had ranged in involvement in the region between five and twenty-five years, constituting a good bit of experience and a solid network for cooperation.

Especially within those areas included in what has come to be known as the “10/40 Window”, there exists an enormous task to present people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in teaching and in practice, and to create viable, impacting communities of Christian faith. We joined together in 1997 to create a mission resourcing agency through which, together, we could help that cause. We could enable mission endeavors.

Working in some of the most physically and spiritually undernourished areas of our region, we have purposed together to give our best efforts to build the kingdom of God through those tools with which God has entrusted us, which are further described below. And, recognizing the vastness of the field of labor, EME engages many other organizations and churches in a system of networking which has done much to aid the ministry of the region, and which presents a valid and vibrant testimony to the non-Christian and Christian worlds alike. These ministries are working hand in hand to produce the most effective effort possible by sharing resources and opportunities.

We are thankful for the opportunity to share with you the vision which the Lord has placed in our hearts for this neglected area of ministry. We trust that this material will help introduce you to the opportunities available in partnership with us, and interest you to pursue them as we may work together to enable the mission endeavors of our region.