Our 3-part strategy is a formula for ministry that helps create stable,
long-term worshiping centers for transforming communities for Christ.

Local Church

We are committed to the integrity of the local church. Everywhere possible, we seek to partner with the existing national church, to strengthen and support its efforts, and to assist its development, with special attention given to the specialties of education and development.


To establish children in the Christian faith, and to reach out to their families, is necessary for effective ministry in our region of the world. We aim to assist like-minded local Churches who embrace the vision to shape lives through educational opportunities– kindergartens, primary and K-12 schools, college and skills training, etc., in order to bring about community transformation.

Business Development

We are committed to helping believers create meaningful employment opportunities through the development of small and medium enterprise Business as/for Mission programs; to the training and coaching of our project partners; and to other forms of community impact projects.


With this as our core directive, EME presents many ministry opportunities to work toward the goal.
Below you will find brief descriptions of some mission activities that may interest you or your ministry.

Worker Placement

Working to help fill both long and short term placements. Primary recruiting targets have been young, energetic workers finishing college programs and choosing to contribute one or two years in the field prior to entering career paths, and retired / early retired individuals eager to contribute their stability and expertise. Teachers, office workers, local church workers and intercessors have been placed.

Humanitarian Aid / Relief

Medicine, clothing, food, construction materials and even buildings have been secured for believers in identifiably persecuted areas. It is a growing task to try and keep up with the requests of agencies who may be advancing evangelism and church planting teams, but who need practical assistance in this manner to help bring a legitimate witness to troubled areas.

Vacations with a purpose

Have you ever desired to see the historical lands of the Bible? Have you thought of the possibilities that exist with your vacation time to see interesting and exciting places while serving to provide mission support? If not, then we would like to introduce you to the idea. If so, however, we would offer the services and trips of EME.

Women’s Ministries

This bears singular attentin as, for many years, the churches of Eastern Europe and the Middle East / North Africa have been without much attention in this realm. The crusades and seminars piloted through EME and developed with partnering agencies have offered a valuable and widely accepted ministry to local churches, groups and entire unions / denominations throughout the region. Literally thousands of women have responded to this challenge.

Worker Teams

Most often conducted in summer months, this outlet has enjoyed much enthusiasm and participation. Prayer teams, construction teams, outreaches, training seminars and camping programs have been advanced in one to three week sessions. These have existed both as outright short term teams, and in a more relaxed setting as holiday trips “with a puropose”. For more information regarding this prospect, see below under “Vacations with a Purpose,” or contact us soon.


Attempting to develop schools and orphanages to reach the world’s forgotten children. One such school is the Glyfada Christian Center in Athens, Greece. Formed to attend to children of refugee and foreign community children, the school has helped advance many children now whom, without the school, would have had no other educational opportunities. This is provided through voluntary teaching positions, and through the helpful support of local churches and individuals. Other educational programs include involvement in Bible Colleges and other ministerial preparation schools. Such activities as raising support for schools or students and supplying teachers or other resources are common requests.

Specialized Ministries

Outreach conducted through training programs in Eastern Europe and other places to help advance Sunday Schools and Children’s Ministries. Camping programs are also promoted and are becoming an increasing request. We send participants who can work in any and all types of assistance, from teachers and preachers to cooks and cleaners.

The need for qualified and motivated ministry to men and women continues to grow. Conferences for men, women and youth have drawn and affected many in past years. Recognizing the need to promote worshipping families, we desire to bring partnering agencies into needy and hungry communities.