EME is largely committed to being a resource and capacity buidling agency. We do not undertake projects of “our own”, but instead seek to work with key, local partners to assist them in accomplishing their God-given mandates. In so doing, we pledge resources to help envision, implement and encourage those efforts, as follows


Providing the national partner with financial resources through strategic, time-bound, accountable planning. EME presents the needs of our local partners and provides to them 100% of all contributions given for those persons or projects, while providing the legal and administrative structure necessary to do that.


Equal, and perhaps more important to the financial resources provided to partners, EME is committed to being engaged through ongoing relationship—both formal and informal— to see the lives and ministries of those partners developed holistically. Part of that process is linking partners with sending/resourcing partners with similar skills, education and callings to mentor them in their development throughout the course of the project, both personally and professionally.


Accountability to our partners on all sides is important to us. From ensuring that 100% of resources committed are utilized for the purposes of that commitment, to monitoring the progress of projects through standardized means, to helping partners continue to dream, strategize and implement, it is important to us that the tools and resources provided to the Kingdom are used well. Knowing our partners well is key to that process. As is knowing the terrain—the opportunities, history, challenges and pitfalls that exist. EME is committed to that end.