Dear Friend in Christ,

Unity brings anointing, according to the Word of God (Psalm 133). It is this principle which makes EME, for me, a singular and significant ministry. I have been privileged to work with a talented and committed bunch of people from EME’s inception, and I have witnessed as, together, we have been able to passionately pursued this principle.

Europe and the Middle East are dotted with ministries of all sorts and strengths. Even the most self-contained, heavily talented and highly financed mission initiative, however, is greatly limited in its field effectiveness when standing alone. But, to the degree that it couples with others in engaging Kingdom exploits, it enjoys an anointing ordained by God. Happily, we, along with many other Kingdom oriented ministries in the region are discovering this to be true.

Over the years, it has been our privilege to partner with numerous, committed, self-sacrificing and effective ministries. We have seen the successful accomplishment of projects ranging from church construction to church planting, from national Sunday School training seminars to the establishing of Bible Colleges, from prayer treks to Bible placement in hostile lands and more besides. What we could never do alone, the Lord has allowed us to do by conflating our ideas, energies and prayers with others. By lending to each other our strengths, we not only become a stronger physical unit, but we gain the favor of the Lord.

EME is about enabling mission endeavors. We are in a position to know of many ambitious projects in Europe and the Middle East, and with our experience are able to help. The whole idea of selflessly lending a hand for the overall Kingdom good was clearly in the heart of Jesus when He gave Himself for the Kingdom He loved. As we link together and pool energies, resources and ideas, we share His Spirit and advance the Kingdom which He began. Each of us has something to give, so let’s communicate. It may be that by sharing our ministerial dreams and ambitions, the Lord will show us how to enable these mission endeavors.

In His Kingdom Service,
C. Gail Stathis
Founder / Executive Director